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Membership is open to all and supports the mission of our organization. Members can participate in the monthly Board & Community Meeting, join a committee, vote during our Annual Meeting, and run for officer positions. Meetings are held monthly to discuss club business. When you join, you will receive access to the hall event calendars & email lists so you can stay up to date.

The Board & Community Meeting is held on the second Thursday of each month from 7:30-9pm, both in person and the Hall and on zoom.

When you become a member, you’re contributing to the community. Some members lead events, some share responsibilities for the care and maintenance of the building and grounds, and for others, it’s a way to support our mission.

Tax-deductible annual membership dues: $60 per person (50% discount for residents of Crowley St. & Volz St.)

Pay online here:

Type of Membership

Or, mail your check to:

North Star Community Hall – Memberships
20 Crowley St.
Burlington, VT 05401

*** Please make checks payable to Goethe Community Trust ***

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