2023 Champlain Club Board of Directors & Elections

Interested in getting involved, but not as a Board member? Join a Committee!

Hello everyone!

At out recent annual meeting in January, we brought on a few new members as several folks stepped back (and we thank those folks for the generosity and hard work over the years). A lot of work is ahead us, and we can use the help. If you would like to join the board, please get in touch (the annual meeting is when we elect new board members). Click here to see the current list of Board members.

Committee work, however, continues year round and we would love to get your help. Your input on ideas, challenges and especially solutions as we move forward with our fundraising, our new-name project and opening our shared space to new groups and communities is very much welcomed.

Board members and non-board members alike participate on a committee. Committees include:

  • Building
  • Fundraising
  • Finance
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Membership
  • Rentals & Events

If you’d like to chat about the committee work, please get in touch: send an email to community@champlainclub.org and we’ll get back to you.

John Antram / President